Palm Spring Sunday School

Sunday School


Our Sunday School, which meets concurrently with the church service, is for all young people up to the age of 20.

Pupils are taught an appreciation of the practical healing power illustrated in the Bible. One of the most precious gifts a child can receive is an understanding and love of the Bible. 



Teachers experienced in Christian Science share the rich lessons of the Bible as they apply to everyday life. Children learn to listen to God and to recognize God’s omnipotent power and unfailing guidance in their own experience.

Students are taught the practical application of the timeless truths found in the Bible.

All children are welcome to attend our Sunday School.




A Children’s Room is provided for children too young for Sunday School on Sundays and through the age of 7 during the Wednesday evening testimony meetings.


Children's Books & CD's

You will find inspiring books and CD's for children at our Christian Science Reading Room.