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Healing podcasts

The Christian Science Sentinel Watch 

Guests speak about healing prayer

You will hear Christian Science healing practitioners, teachers and others giving practical examples of prayer used in their daily lives and prayer for the world.

Call 1-323-805-8700, Press 3

To listen online,  go to SENTINEL WATCH ARCHIVE.  Listen to one free JSH-Online podcast or article each month or subscribe to access all podcasts and 100+ years of inspiring articles and testimonies of healing.


More inspiration by phone

Call (323) 805-8700
Available 24/7

Press 1 - Weekly Bible Lesson

Press 2 - El Heraldo (weekly in Spanish)

Press 3 - Sentinel Watch (weekly) posted on Saturday

Press 4 - Daily Lift (weekdays)

This phone line is hosted by the Christian Science Churches in Southern California.


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