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Audio programs on healing

The Christian Science Sentinel Watch 

Guests speak about healing prayer

You will hear Christian Science healing practitioners, teachers and others giving practical examples of prayer used in their daily lives and in prayer for the world.

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Listen as Sentinel Watch guests share specifics on how they prayed and found healing and spiritual growth.


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The Lord's Prayer is a living prayer
May 10 - 16

Guest: Alison Hughes

The Lord's Prayer is a powerful prayer that can bring healing to any situation. Our Sentinel Watch guest takes us line by line, sharing some of the inspiration she's gotten from this all-inclusive, timeless prayer—and the healings that were a direct result of those spiritual insights. 

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Christian Science—revelation, reason, demonstration

Guest: Susan Booth Mack Snipes

Today's world is more focused than ever on finding and implementing dependable solutions to health problems. In 1866, Mary Baker Eddy was on her own journey to discover the same. And she did. Our Sentinel Watch guest, Susan Booth Mack Snipes, shares what she's learning about and proving of the Science of healing that Mrs. Eddy discovered and applied successfully 150 years ago, and that many have been finding uniquely effective ever since. It's called Christian Science.


Sentinel Watch Archive

Vaccines, immunity, and the pathway to health
May 3 - 9

Guests: Shelly Richardson, Kevin Ness, Michael Hamilton, and Curt Wahlberg

What does it mean to be spiritually immune? Does it apply to everyone? And what does this mean for COVID vaccines? We've got a great lineup of guests on Sentinel Watch to talk about what Christian Science offers to the process of navigating the health issues connected to the pandemic.


Age...nothing but a number
April 26 -May 3

Guest: Norm Bleichman

"Age" doesn't just imply aging; it can mean any limitation or label associated with a particular time in our lives. So, how do we get out from under those and see that age really is nothing but a number? Our guest, Norm Bleichman, shares practical, healing ideas in this Sentinel Watch podcast about how we can break free from ages and stages and live fuller, more expansive lives.


We’re all a part of God’s family
April 19 - 25

Guest: Judy Olson

"The brotherhood of man" is an old-fashioned term that refers to all humanity and the feeling that all of us should regard and treat one another as family. Our Sentinel Watch guest, Judy Olson, has experienced how taking this concept to heart, understanding how we are all brothers and sisters because we are all children of God, can heal families of serious issues and calm potentially confrontational situations. In this Sentinel Watch chat Judy shows how having an enlightened sense of our beautiful connections with one another improves lives and communities.


Grace to go forward
April 12 - 18

Guests: A conversation with the Christian Science Board of Directors

In this Sentinel Watch podcast, the Board of Directors of The Mother Church talks about this year's Annual Meeting theme: "Grace to go forward." Christianity and the grace of God have gone hand-in-hand from the beginning, transforming us individually and impelling progress collectively.  As our church community comes together, it supports its members' spiritual growth as it embraces and blesses the wider community.  


Finding safety - wherever you are
April 5 - 11

Guest: Ariana Herlinger

Listen to this edition of Sentinel Watch as our guest shares how her deeper understanding of safety - as dependent not on external circumstances, but on God - has helped her not only be safe but also pray for perpetrators.




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