Praying in emergencies


We are praying for hope and healing for church families in the fire areas in California, and for everyone in need of protection in emergency situations around the world. 

Share your inspiration and tell us how you have felt God's presence and seen His love and power expressed in emergency situations.  

Here are some wonderful testimonies of healing in emergency situations.



Divine intervention in fire storm

Prayer protects home in area where all other homes were lost in a fire storm.

Pastor guides test pilot

As a former test pilot, I have had many opportunities to ask my Pastor for divine guidance in difficult situations.


Website visitors share inspiration and examples of praying in emergency situations

  • "Praying with each and every individual who is facing down earthquake, flood, drought, wind and/or fire. Man unceasingly prays -- God unceasingly blesses," — Carolyn
  • "No matter what the situation is (whether it be a fire, flood, etc.), we are always protected by the love of God. And that is a very comforting thought! In fact, there are signs of God's care everywhere, even in what seem like scary and hopeless situations, such as these fires that we have been having. Firefighters are working day and night, trying to put out these fires, while other people are sheltering those who have been displaced from their homes by the fires - there are also other signs of God's care in these situations. So we should pray that those who are affected by the fires are safe and sound, and that they realize that they are - and always will be - under the protection of God." — Allen
  • "In my thoughts and prayers" — Brian


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