Can we feel safe when we worship?

In the wake of a shooting at a synagogue not far from her home, today’s contributor reflects on how understanding the nature and power of God as Love can bring peace and calm as we attend our places of worship.


I’ve always loved going to church. As a little girl, I would explore all the nooks and crannies of the building and felt so at home in that peaceful space. But recently I have found myself asking, “Are we safe when we worship?” It certainly doesn’t seem that way given the kind of shooting that took place at a synagogue near my home in San Diego on Saturday. And I’m grateful to be part of an interfaith group that’s discussing how we can address the needs of those affected by the tragedy and support our local congregations of all backgrounds.

Yet in response to other attacks in places of worship – including in Pittsburgh; Christchurch, New Zealand; and Sri Lanka – in recent months, my prayers had already led me to a conviction that we can lean on God and enter our worship spaces without being overwhelmed by fear, even in the face of such awful events.  Read more on


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